Maltese Militia Vinyl Decal | 10" White

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Our vinyl decals will hold up to years of abuse from the elements - when installed correctly.  Do it right, do it once.  If it isn't level it will likely be noticeable and we don't want them laughing at you. So take heed fellow brethren...

Pro Tips:

1) Clean your window, slacker. 

2) For longest lasting results, wipe area with rubbing alcohol.  

3) Determining Location: Peel back the very top edge of the transfer paper without exposing the vinyl decal.  Fold or cut the exposed edge of the backing paper.  Use this top edge of low-tack transfer paper to hold it approximately where you want it. Take a step back to evaluate and relocate until you're satisfied.  This does not mean you can skip measuring & marking!

4) Marking horizontal placement: If center is desired, measure width of window and divide by two.  Use a pencil to mark your center point with a small vertical line.  Do the same for the vinyl decal, marking it's center point on the transfer paper.

5) Marking vertical placement: You pretty much know where it's going at this point but don't skip this step! If, for example, you want it to be about two inches above the edge of the window weather stripping, then using your vinyl decal sandwich as a measuring device simply make a line about two inches from any edge. Using this as your guide, make two horizontal lines above the window weather stripping approximately the width of the decal apart from one another.   This will be the reference line for the bottom edge of the decal and will ensure you're not slightly (yet noticeably) off-level.

6) Apply wet or dry: Slowly peel back transfer paper ensuring no vinyl remains on the backing paper. WET - Water and just a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle or container will do .   Spray or dip in solution.  Lightly place and slide to relocate if need be. DRY - Ensure horizontal placement by matching vertical line on transfer paper and window.  Then align bottom edge of vinyl with your two leveling lines on the window for perfect vertical placement. Carefully roll decal into place to prevent wrinkles.

7) Take a hard plastic squeegee or credit card and scrape it across transfer paper to remove any solution or air bubbles under the vinyl.  Continue to do this in every direction to ensure good adherence to the glass.  Peel back transfer paper to reveal your new vinyl!

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