United by brotherhood.
Forged in fire.


The name Maltese Militia comes from the legendary symbol of the Maltese Cross, which originated with the Knights of Malta, who were known to use their capes to extinguish fires ignited by their enemies during the Crusades. They would wear the Maltese Cross, which became associated with traits such as perseverance, bravery, loyalty, and defending the weak. Today, firefighters wear it as a badge of honor and a symbol of protection.

All Maltese Militia apparel is designed specifically for firefighters. Our gear is made to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, whether on the job or on the go. All of our products, from our hats, our t-shirts, and even our all-weather notepads, are made to take whatever punishment you throw at them.

Everything we make is meticulously designed and printed by hand right here in California. The superior result matches functionality with the utmost quality, providing a rugged craftsmanship that is guaranteed to keep you looking good.

Maltese Militia unites brothers and sisters across the globe who answer the call of duty. Join us, be a part of the Brotherhood.